Why a good backup is so important

epic-fail About a month ago I switched from Bluehost to Dreamhost for all of my websites. I run about 5 other sites so getting everything moved over was a bit of a chore. I thought that I’d migrated ALL of my accounts over to Dreamhost but apparently I missed MyDevBox. When I finally realized that the site was no longer on the Internet it was too late to grab a back up from Bluehost. Chat with their support department about getting my account restored was fruitless. I thought all hope was lost and the site was gone forever. My last ditch effort was to fired up Locate32 and do a full scan of every file on my backup drive searching the contents for a phrase that I’d used on the site. After about an hour the scan thankfully produced a database backup that I’d performed just before the migration.

I now have my articles back but lost all of the pictures. I do have the .psd files from which they were produced though so with some effort I can get everything recreated.

Moral of the story: Triple check your backups or never change web hosts